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      One hundred and ceramic is located in the "Millennium pottery" -- Guangdong Guangdong Province is Foshan, Foshan well-known enterprise and Ceramics Co. Ltd. under the strong brand. The company was founded in 1999, it has been 15 years since the wind and rain. 15 years of wind and rain, development of the concept of 100 and ceramic always adhere to the people-oriented, green health, establish responsibility, pragmatic, sincere, friendly brand image, the formation of production of tiles, polished tiles, polished glazed, microcrystalline stone mainly of modern large-scale ceramic enterprise, the company by virtue of strong R & D and innovation ability of ceramic production, become one of the Foshan City Hall fuyoufujiang ceramic enterprises in Nanhai District, one of the "Eagle program" the key support of the enterprise, and undertake a number of provincial, municipal scientific research projects.

      Lily ceramics advanced equipment, strong technical force, has many from product development, production and management to the marketing of high-quality talents. German company to introduce a full set of imported compressor, Italy rice imported printing machines, Italy imported nassetti glaze kiln and other international first-class production equipment, for the construction of more than 5000 square meters modern building ceramics R & D center, its powerful product research and development capabilities and advanced production equipment to ensure the enterprise vitality, maintain the company under the tiles, the development of science and health of polishing brick, researchers make every effort, in 2013 launched a high profile independent R & D products marble polished glazed Series in 2014, adding Microcrystalline stone series. Adhering to the Shiwan Millennium ceramic culture, inheritance, endless stream, to Chinese most innovative and leading-edge "Millennium pottery" as the basis, based on the succession of Fotao group deep, 100 and ceramic created large-scale modern building ceramics production base, provides the high quality ceramic products for customers at home and abroad.